Daily morning meditations online

Looking for a community to make meditating regularly easier? Daily morning meditations on Zoom, 7:45-8:15, Mondays -> Fridays.

Daily morning meditations online

When: 8:00-8:30, Mondays -> Fridays (except on holidays)
Where: on Zoom (find the permanent link below by filling in the form or on the calendar)
Who: All meditators are welcome.

Content: Meditation, like physical exercise, is most effective with consistent practice. But most of us struggle with being consistent when we meditate on our own. Meditating together gives us extra motivation, accountability, and the fun of starting our days in a social way. All you have to do is wake up and show up!

These meditations are silent, with no guidance – you can meditate with guidance from a meditation app or by yourself. At 8:30, a guide will ring a bell and host a round of sharing and gratitude.

Etiquette: Since the meditation is silent, no need to say hi when you walk in, simply join the others and start meditating. You can drop in to meditate as long or short as you want. If you want to meditate 20 minutes and participate in sharing, come at 8:10, if you want to do 10 minutes, come at 8:20 and so on...

Camera on or off are both okay. You will be invited to turn your camera on at the end during the sharing round to get a sense of communal presence.

Answer the security question to get the link (same everyday, copy it somewhere):

Zoom link Morning meditations 7:45-8:15
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