What is Student Meditation?

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What is Student Meditation?

Student Meditation is a student association that has been active since 2018. Our aim is to increase mental well-being, resilience to stress and quality of life of students in Amsterdam and staff at the UvA, by introducing people to down-to-earth meditation and its benefits. We aim to offer science-backed forms of meditation that are shown to benefit people in terms of happiness, concentration, stress levels and self-compassion.

What does this look like in practice? We offer free guided meditations everyday from Monday to Thursday, hosted by trained student guides. These meditations are accessible for everyone, no previous meditation experience is needed. We also offer a an online morning meditation group, meditation for beginners courses, and social events.

One of the focus of the association is also to foster the sense of a community where people feel like they can be themselves. We do this by offering meaningful activities aimed at personal growth. By hosting events about various meditation and conscious living topics, we hope to provide an open platform for discourse and learning, where people can touch on subjects that are less often talked about in day-to-day life.

We also aim to make meditation accessible and inclusive. Attending a meditation course is financially inaccessible for many and having a consistent meditation practice requires a lot of solo discipline. By meditating together and forming a social community around meditation, we support each other in getting the benefits of meditation. And meditating with other humans is also simply very fun!

Our main target audience is students, but staff and non-students who are interested in mindfulness are more than welcome.

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To stay updated on our activities, the best way to stay informed is to join our groupchat. You can also follow us on Instagram.

Become a member

The aim of Student Meditation is to keep providing free daily meditations.

This means we rely on external support (a small membership fee) for funding. Having members allows us to get funds from the university. By becoming a member, you can join ALL our events for free – including courses. Support us by becoming a member for only 10 euros (or 15 euros for three years). It is a one time payment and you do not need to be a student to join as a member.

You can become a member here. We will keep you updated by email.

Join the team

Student Meditation is ran entirely by volunteers. We are always looking for new people to bring their energy and help us organise events. More information here.

Get in touch

A question or a comment? For students, the easiest way to get in touch with us through our groupchat or by sending us a private message on Instagram.

For professional contact or collaboration, you can email us at mail@studentmeditation.nl.