Mindfulness related content

Mindfulness related content

If you're curious on starting with meditating or if you want to dive deeper into the topic of mindfulness, then keep on reading! We've selected our favorites for you to try out on your own and in your own pace :)


The Mind Illuminated by Culadasa: If you're serious about meditating daily and don't like any airy-fairy-nonsense, then this is definitely the book for you. It is not meant to be read in a single go, but is more intended as a text book. Guiding you every step of the way through the different stages of your practice.

Waking up: If you're curious about meditating and what it's about, this book a great start. It is not very thick, and reads fluently. The writer is also the founder of the app with the same name which we recommend.


Waking up: this app contains audio recordings of a beginners course with daily sessions, all types of meditation sessions and discussions and theoretical content. The app is based on donations but if you are short in money you can request a free year membership (which is rather easy:)

Headspace: this app contains both audio recordings and animations. It contains many meditation sessions, explanaition videos, but also sounds to relax/fall asleep and meditations to start with meditating. The app costs between 4 to 13 euros per month depending on your membership and it's possible to take a free trial of several days.

Calm: another great app with audio recordings for guided meditations, sleeping practices and music. The app costs 30-50 euros depending on your membership.

InsightTimer: We have our own InsightTimer page on which you can find recordings of meditations by our own guides. We are still working on new recordings which we will add to our page asap. In the meantime you can also enjoy recordings from thousands of other guides from all over the world, and there are also live sessions, yoga sessions, discussions, interviews and sleeping related content. Make sure to follow our page here to stay tuned :)

The Mindful Library at the VU

Coming at the Vrije Universiteit next semester: The Mindful Library is both a library space devoted to the study and practice of meditation and a growing network of students and staff who are interested in exploring mindfulness for mental wellbeing and personal growth. In this library you will be able to borrow books about mindfulness and mindfulness related content and read them, but there will also be a space to discuss and practice mindfulness. You can expect interesting and fun events at the VU soon!

We want more!

Do you have any suggestions to add on our mindfulness related content list? Please share them with us by emailing mail@studentmeditation.nl. You can also email us for questions, comments or remarks.