Welcome to the 100 Club.

Student Meditation has always aimed at keeping the barrier to entry for students who want to participate in its activities as low as possible. Almost all events have been free of charge. And the members-fee is as low as the University of Amsterdam allows it to be for a student association. We think that this is a beautiful aspect of the community and would love to keep things this way.

However, there are members and other people associated with Student Meditation who would like to provide some more financial support for the association. For us, this would absolutely enhance the ability to keep organizing the events of Student Meditation.

All the reasons above have led us to decide on starting a 100 Club.

The idea for this group is that its members support Student Meditation with 100 euro. Each year you will receive an e-mail to see if you would like to renew this donation. In turn, we promise to you that all of the support will solely be spent on learning students how to meditate, guide meditations and eventually teach courses themselves.

Of course, standard procedure is that the Student Meditation team will shower your soul with infinite gratitude, eternal blessings and positivity.

If you have any questions about the 100 Club, please don't hesitate to contact us. You can come and talk to a member of the team at any of our events, send us an e-mail at mail@studentmeditation.nl, or send a message to one of the admins in a Student Meditation Telegram group.

Interested in joining the 100 Club of Student Meditation?

All that is required is filling out the following form and donating using the link that is provided at the bottom of the form.

Done!! You are now a member of the Student Meditation 100 Club.
Within a few days, you will receive a short confirmation e-mail.

We are truly honored to have you as a part of the community.

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The Student Meditation Team