Experiential Dancing

Experiential Dancing

Once a in while, we gather for a special event. Experiential Dancing - has a format of a two-hour open class in an integrated movement practice that combines the joy of dancing, creative writing, and mindfulness meditation.

A typical session starts with grounding and trust-building exercises and ends with free writing. Between these two moments of stillness, movement happens. The practice will energize you and elicit an authentic sense of joy and connection.

  • No prior dance experience is needed.
  • All bodies and abilities are welcome.

The first workshop is open to ALL. To join a second one, become a member of Student Meditation for just 10 euros a year and enjoy other members-only events.

Experiential Dancing is being developed by Lela Moseghvdlishvili through their work on bringing embodiment and movement into academic learning, drawing inspiration from 5 Rhythms, devotional dance, and dharmic practices.